Best Halloween costume ideas for 2022 


TOP Halloween costume ideas for 2022 

Shrek Halloween costume

Ogres are like onions, but this easy, DIY costume for couples will make you do anything but cry! You’ll need some green face paint, stuffing for an ogre’s belly and, of course, those Shrek ears to pull the look together.

Hades Halloween costume

Some Halloween makeup and some temporary blue hair color are all you need to transform yourself into the God of the Underworld. Learn some Halloween pick up lines while you’re at it and you’re all set for your Halloween parties!

Beer balloon Halloween costume

There’s never been a better time to try your hand at some balloon art. Just grab some white and gold balloons and have at it. If that sounds like a task that’ll leave you out of breath, invest in an electric balloon-inflating machine to get the job done quickly. Feeling creative? Here are even more DIY costumes anyone can do.

Jack Skellington Halloween costume

All hail the Pumpkin King! This October 31, deck yourself in a Jack Skellington costume and grab a Sally to spend fright night with. If you consider yourself a Disney superfan, you’ll love these other Disney Halloween costumes.

Vincent van Gogh Halloween costume

If you need a last-minute Halloween costume that’s easy and cheap, opt for this famous artist. Go solo as the artist (the bandage on the ear is a nice touch), or join a partner and dress as the artist and one of his most significant works.

Wayne’s World Halloween costume

Party on as Wayne and Garth from the iconic ’90s comedy. All the components are either relatively cheap or already in your closet: some worn jeans, tees, flannel shirts and trucker caps. Talk about an epic best friend Halloween costume!

Ted Lasso Halloween costume

Inspire all the neighborhood kids while dressed up as everyone’s favorite soccer (sorry, football) coach. You’ll just need khaki pants, the trademark blue sweater, a visor, a mustache and a big smile. Here are even more costume ideas for men to check out.

Willy Wonka Halloween costume

Who better to dress as when you collect your Halloween candy than the candy man himself? Some khakis, a top hat and a purple coat will take you to a world of pure imagination.

Big Hero 6 Halloween costume

It may not be a seasonally appropriate Disney Halloween movie, but Big Hero 6 is still a great film, and Tadashi is still one of the coolest big brothers around. You don’t need much to complete the look: some brown pants, a tee, an optional cardigan and blazer and a baseball cap. Don’t forget Baymax!

Top Gun Halloween costume

Great balls of fire, it’s been 36 years since Maverick and Goose first joined Top Gun! With Maverick’s return to the big screen this year, now is the perfect time to pay homage to this dynamic duo. You’ll need the Navy uniform and, most important, the iconic aviator sunglasses.

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